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As the year comes to a close, I feel happy of what has been accomplished and those that have joined my journey.

2021 has been such an exciting year! Even in the bad times, they brought even better times, to which I appreciate it all.

I don't really have much to say :3 I am very blessed for this year. Blessed in general by living and breahthing and be being able to do what I love~! The addtional bonus of it all was to be on a site like this and being able to work along such talented people and have those around me help me.

Bad and good, I love it all.

To people I lost, weither in death, overall just not friends, or just drifted apart, love yah guys. I'll miss yah, but I appreicate the time we had, and it was a blessing to have yah in my life. To those still here, may you be blessed with your future endeavors~!

To people I gained, through introductions from others, my art pieces, or collabs, love yah guys. I'm happy to have yah with me, and hope things last long, you too are a blessing to have in my life. May you be blessed with your future endeavors~!

I haven't been on the site for long, and still very much a baby newgrounder, but so much I have experienced and done, different faces, art works, styles and more. It's pushed me a lot, and even within this short span of time I can see I've improved due to it, I'm grateful for that.

Newgrounds has made me realize the impact an online community can have on people. This was my first time experiencing that. Amazing and beautiful each one of you are, and to come together, we radiate a light for future creatives and creators.

May each and every one of us go into 2022 with strong spirits and continue on our path in life.

Happy New Years everyone, and as always thank you @tomfulp for Newgrounds ~<3

God Bless ~<3


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Now everyone knows you like uncensored NG humor.

CHEESY 5 Points

Get a single piece of Cheese

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Roll the gacha 10 times!!

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Survive 1:00.

Skill issue 5 Points

Die on the first hit...

That's it. 5 Points

Jump off the table after hearing The Lick.

Serotonin hit 5 Points

Roll the gacha!

Ant skill 5 Points

Survive 0:30.

Peter :'( 5 Points


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Play on Peter the Ant day (Dec 26th)

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